Hammer nailed

In an otherwise grim world, where we ponder the aftermath of the Arizona shooting and the fact that today marks nine years since the Guantanamo Bay prison-beyond-law was opened [a commemmorative protest will take place starting at 11 am across the street from the White House for those in the D.C. area]… at least one thing can bring a smile to our faces– when a bad man gets his, in this case, former House Majority Leader Tom “The Hammer” DeLay receiving his just recompense, a three year prison term for his role in money laundering and attempted laundering associated with his illegally steering corporate campaign contributions to Texas state legislators who then turned around and redistricted Texas mid-census so that the Republicans could hold on to control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Sweet.
Before there was Bristol Palin, it was Tom DeLay giving us a song and dance on Dancing with the Stars, although he pulled out with an injury in an early round before he could be retired by the audience and the judges. The one-time exterminator and all-around jerk epitomized the cesspool that national politics have become in the post-Gingrich era, rising to Republican Whip and then eventually Majority Leader… though it was understood that even as Denny Hastert might be Speaker, it was really DeLay running the show for so very long… making American politics about well… what we think it’s about, but would like to believe different… that being… money. Money. And just money. The dirtier the better. And power. Power… so you could get more MONEY.
And to his immense credit, DeLay was always nasty and unpleasant about the whole thing. Anyway… payback’s a bitch, eh, Tom? Remember that time you tried to have the feds track a bunch of Texas state senators who were trying to avoid a quorum so they could avoid the bullshit redistricting you set up? Good times. Or how much you fun you had with your pal Jack Abramoff? Oh… that was the stuff.
Well, give American justice it’s due… once in a while, the hammer…gets the slammer.