March Madness

For no particular reason, I’ll pass along this primer on a government/military industrial complex program so insidious, it might well kill us all… before everything else does, of course. Not to make light of it… just to… you know… put it out there.
This rain-soaked and wind-swept Sunday, your talking dog hit a rare feat– a personal best in a road race, albeit only my third try at the distance, in this case the Caumsett Park/USATF National Championship 50-K race… Frank at Run Dangerously has a report on the race (I finished too far back to figure in any of the photos!)
The Grey Lady treats us to this discussion about “discord” in Washington over (American military) intervention in Libya. Me? I got nothing. And I suggest that neither does our over-extended country, and I further suggest that, as troubling as it sounds, in the long term, and probably even in the short term, the best thing we can do there… is probably also… nothing. Ditto the rest of North Africa and the Middle East. But hey… that’s just me.
Back to the Grey Lady to tell us that the President, who vowed to close Guantanamo within a year of taking office and who railed against military commissions in lieu of federal court criminal trials for suspected terrorists both during his campaign and in the early stages of his presidency… has issued an executive order making way for more military commission trials, and “hopes to close Guantanamo some day.” Again, folks… I got nothing.
Thats all for now… this has been… March Madness.