I hope that the smoldering wreck of a country around him will somehow tug at the conscience of my college classmate Pres. Barack Obama when, in two or six years… probably six… he gets his real dream job, with Goldman Sacks or J.P. Morgan or B of A or Citi…or perhaps some hedge fund… because, well… you know… things like good old errand-boy-to-the-man, now SecTreas Timmy “the Tax-Dodger” Geithner has intervened to prevent regulation of foreign exchange derivatives, a $30 trillion market, whose problems led to a multi-trillion dollar bailout by the federal government in the last financial crisis… on the simple ground that the particular Goldman Sacks rigged casino “market” at issue… just don’t need no stinking regulation.
Those of you who still insist that the inter-partisan kabuki we are subjected to day-in and day-out matters at all, understand that this is Goldman Sacks’s Barack Obama’s Treasury Department… note all the “hope and change” out there, as in the most important portfolios in a country racked by economic problems and multiple wars, Obama retained (Republican) Ben Bernanke at the Fed, brought in Bernanke’s New York deputy Tim Geithner to Treasury, and retained (Republican) Bob Gates at Defense… although now, Gates has “retired” to spend more time with his portfolio family, and so, Leon Panetta moves over from CIA to Defense (hope and change), Generalissimo David Petraeus moves to CIA, Ryan Crocker goes to Afghanistan and General somebody or other goes to take Petraeus’s job…. later, rinse, change you can believe in, repeat… [Update: It seems one of the killer-robots, or perhaps Maverick or somebody else flying a NATO misslion managed to kill Qaddaffi Qaddaffi’s youngest son. ]
Boys and girls, the inter-partisan thing is a miserably bad show… on what matters– murdering swarthy foreign people (preferably by flying killer robots, which Petraeus now takes over directly), and murdering non-connected-to-the-financial-industry-or-otherwise-fabulously rich Americans’ life-savings, home values, social safety nets, and futures so that Goldman Sacks, et als. can steal more money… both parties are in full and complete agreement. While everything else is cleverly calculated to get our blood boiling… it’s calculated as a distraction.
Boys and girls, I’ll repeat: with the blood in the streets from the financial crisis of barely 2 to 2 1/2 years ago not cleaned up, the Obama Administration is allowing one of the most abusive and potentially disastrous trading operations in the world to proceed totally unregulated… because, you know… no reason, just Goldman Sacks told us to policy. This has been “Loop-chasms.”