And now for something somewhat different

Taking a break from all OBL all the time, I bring you this good-sentiment-bad-idea proposal from the Obama Administration to tax automobiles based on miles traveled. It would be collected at gasoline filling stations based presumably on some kind of electronic tracking device.
Er, no. Best just raise the current gasoline excise tax, based on actual fuel usage. Someone with an extremely efficient vehicle should not have to pay more than someone who may use more fuel to travel shorter distances.
And speaking of taxes, I propose a small (say, 1%) income tax on virtually all earners at virtually all income levels (say, a modest $1,000 exemption, way down), and then, guess what… besides incomes over $250,000, middle class people should pay a slightly higher income tax, as political cover for somewhat higher progressive taxes (say, capping out at the 39.5% Bill Clinton top rates)… that way, Fox News can’t keep telling us about millions of “deadbeats” who pay no taxes, notwithstanding the sad reality that virtually all quintiles of income pay around the same 20% of so of their income in taxes (have to count social security/FICA/Medicare, state and local income tax, sales tax, excise tax, etc., etc…. you see…. and not pretend that the rich are somehow more virtuous by virtue of our outrageously inefficient and unfair income tax system).
OK then… this has been… “and now for something somewhat different.”