It’s a mad world

I’ll keep this short, as it’s really early and I’ll be running today (and I hope not to run LATE!)… but say what you will about legislative priorities, the Florida legislature passed bills banning children from wearing their pants too low and banning bestiality. [The latter bill had been the personal pet-cause (as it were) of a legislator named Nan Rich of Sunrise, FL, perhaps the ultimate name for a Republican these days, reflecting both the Nanny State for your personal affairs that non-bat-shit-crazy people think are none of the state’s business AND the GOP’s real constituency… the rich.]
The other point of madness I’ll note is that my “disappointment” (I confess it’s a “perhaps mild” disappointment) that it seems that the President didn’t even try for a mission involving OBL’s capture (rather than execution) is shared by John Yoo and Michael Moore (admittedly for slightly different reasons).
And fresh from the hit on OBL, evidently the drone strike in Yemen was an attempt to hit an American citizen.
I’ll just say, I look forward to bringing our troops home, now that our war against one guy has been won; seeing as OBL wasn’t even in Afghanistan (and no one on Earth thought he was in Iraq), it’s time to leave those two countries… yesterday. And redeploy our men and women in uniform to something productive, such as working in Walmart or a call center.
This has been… “It’s a mad world.”