Beware the military industrial entertainment complex

The Pentagon has investigated itself, and concluded that the controversial Bush/Rumsfeld era program whereby former military officials were shilled provided with information that they could present on cable and other news programming was… wait for it… perfectly appropriate. Some of the “controversy” concerned the fact that some analysts were dropped like hot potatoes if they said things critical of the Pentagon… they weren’t, you know, “team players.” And of course, in some cases, the Bush Administration just went all out and created fake news broadcasts. Good times.
Interestingly, with respect to the Pentagon program, anyway, it seemed there was virtually no paper trail at all as to the purpose of the program, which, ultimately, cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars (plus the cost of expanded warmongering and graft, of course). Which just goes to show that Oliver North finally taught the Pentagon about that most valuable piece of military hardware that cannot be permitted to malfunction: the paper shredder.