All politix is local

Oh, let’s all hail Rick (the P is silent) Santorum for his primary wins in Alabama and Mississippi, proving I suppose, that really hateful and reactionary rhetoric sincerely expressed is still appreciated in some circles of hell parts of the US of A.
Hateful and reactionary policy, however, whether directed at reporters or whistle-blowers of any kind, or of course, the usual suspects (those poor bastards at GTMO) … well, those ill-feelings are wonderfully bi-partisan.
I realize I’m a broken record. No one is listening– or wants to. The country’s attentions will now turn to “March Madness,” as even what passes for “the political process” is attracting no one’s interest. And the Government/Finance stranglehold will just continue to consolidate– an addled, overworked (when they have jobs), stressed-out, and let’s face it, not very bright American public simply refuses to “connect the dots”– that the threat isn’t mythical terrorists— the threat is a now fully militarized internal police-state apparatus, that now awaits only its moment for domestic deployment: the “legal authority”– complete with statutory fiat and courts that won’t stop it (because of course, it was first applied to Muz-lems, Latino gang-bangers and dirty hippies, and not, of course, to God-fearing overweight White exurbanites)– it’s all there, on the shelf, just waiting for its moment.
And the thing is– even when it is unleashed broadly on the entire “99%”– I’m still not convinced that most Americans would be particularly upset (assuming their crappy food, meds and electronic toys were still readily available.)
Alrightie then.