Eyes on the Prize

As y’all know by now, the machines bureaucrats over at the Norwegian Nobel committee awarded this year’s Peace Prize to the machines bureaucrats of the European Union. Obviously, that committee has been phoning it in for years, with awards to such famous peaceniks as Henry “I Secretly Bombed Cambodia and All I Got was this lousy Peace Prize” Kissinger and, of course, my college classmate, Barack “Drone King… but I’m still not Dubya… really, I’m not…” Obama.
At some point a while back, Candace asked me if it were possible for for the Nobel Committee to take back its Peace Prize from Mr. Obama, given his nearly four year record of warmongering. Given the checkered history of that Prize, I suggested that it might be a better idea to award the Peace Prize to a Guantanamo detainee… and the name that came to mind was Shaker Aamer, the last U.K. resident still being held prisoner at Guantanamo [despite being completely innocent of anything other than being Muslim and an irritant to his jailers, and probably even “cleared for release” somewhere along the line.] And so, now that eligibility for the 2013 Prize has opened up with the 2012 Prize out of the way, Candace is asking for all of your help to get Shaker nominated for the Peace Prize. As Candace passes along further details, I’ll try to relay them here as well.
Since Big Finance and Big Oil are guaranteed to win the next U.S. election (and you and I are guaranteed to lose… Barack and Mitt and Joe and Paul aren’t sports teams, boys and girls… you’re not serving yourselves by behaving as if they are… they are only front men for their financial backers, most of whom are the same)… there’s no point in concerning yourself with who “wins”… because it doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things. If Shaker Aamer, or another (or all) Guantanamo detainees win, however…. that just might matter.
And that makes all the difference.