Pot pourri

It’s Mrs. TD’s birthday… so happy birthday to Mrs. TD!
The White House is “optimistic” the President can bounce back from the biggest opportunity for genuine positive transformation in American history flushed down the toilet in order to give us Mitt Romney/Newt Gingrich’s Frankenstein monster of propping up health insurers by giving them public money “health care reform” and difficulties over the troubled roll-out thereof. Did we mention Michele O’s college classmate Toni, an executive at the company involved in said roll-out? [The evidence is somewhat dubious here, actually… and as a college classmate of Mr. Obama myself, I can safely say that such a “relationship,” by itself, is hardly evidence of much of anything… and let’s face it… had “healthcare.gov” been a project of the NSA, you can be damned sure it would have had all possible money and resources thrown at it.]
Filipinos in the city of Tacloban aren’t so optimistic about much of anything, as even the grim task of burying the dead as a result of the recent typhoon is proving overwhelming. All we can do from the other side of the world is watch, weep, and maybe contribute to our favorite international aid organization… but sadly, much of this is just beyond anyone’s control.
As awful as the devastation of the ever-more “super-storms” is (and as, it seems, even Exxon Mobil, the Koch Bros., etc., don’t even have the energy to put out quite as much global-warming-denial propaganda as they used to… or so it seems to me, anyway…) even if the host-city of UN climate change talks is also the host city for Big Coal’s meeting… how convenient is that?
Say… where was I…?
Oh yes… something that might be far scarier than even global climate disruptions… it would be amusing if it were amusing, as some morons actually consider this ultimate doomsday monster “a solution” to said climate change issues, rather than, you know, talking about “sacrifice,” or, good God!, lowering our “standard of living” (voluntarily)… that being, of course, good old “nucular power”… because… it’s another week… and hence, another new record in radiation measured at good old Fukushima as a result of yet another new leak there… Here is “Anne Kaneko’s Fukushima Blog“… a fascinating blog by someone (writing in English) nearby… seriously… you’all might just want to check in on Fukushima Prefecture on a regular basis…
In GTMO news… Candace and Andy are both chock full of “new developments,” which are more in the realm of stuff that Candace, Andy and I have kind of known about for years, but about which the public is (finally) getting some more news…assuming anyone cares all that much…
Alrightie then… enjoy the rest of your weekend!