Today in Elite Immunity

If your “crime” is to intentionally expose “secrets” that in no way threaten the security of the United States, but instead reveal its crimes and misdeeds (and potentially embarrass its mandarins)… and you dare do so at the lowly rank of Private… thirty-five years in maximum security awaits you.
OTOH, if you have the good sense to be a General, and the CIA Director… you can merrily share the nation’s deepest and darkest and potentially most damaging secrets with your mistress, utterly bereft of concern as to what she would do with it … and you’re looking at a misdemeanor, a $40,000 fine (now representing a few days income at your newly vaunted means) and two years probation.
The irony, as I see it, is that General Petraeus has been held accountable at all. If he had the good sense to have been a banker at the time, he would have taken his rightful place as completely above the law.
This has been… “Today in Elite Immunity.”