Just sayin’

How to reconcile Republican Presidential Aspirant Donald “The Donald” Trump and his recent call for Muslim Americans to be registered [it sounded better in the original German] and the fact that one of the Donald’s largest business enterprises (at least, in terms of having his name on it), the Trump Taj Mahal, is named after, well, the Taj Mahal, to wit, the jewel of Muslim art in India. [I leave it as a thought experiment as to why the media is so keen on oh-so-seriously reporting the blatherings of mental defectives pronouncements of Republican governors that they will prevent Syrian refugees from being relocated in their states, when, of course, this ain’t something they can do.] The Paris tragedy is, of course, unthinkably horrible. As was the near simultaneous attacks in Beirut (not that we get much coverage there.) Obviously, emotions will be strong… naturally, the powerful (and The Donald) will continue to use the occasion of such horrors to react at the sub-rational, and entirely base emotional level, dragging down whatever discourse there is yet further.
Like demagogues of yore, the Donald seems to have no problem with the cultural appropriation of things Muslim, even as he scapegoats the actual people (and presumably looks forward to appropriating their stuff).
The more atavistically xenophobic and outright racist The Donald gets, the more solid his lead over whoever is next (currently Ben “Doc Gangsta” Carson and Ted “I went to Princeton and Harvard Law and am not really a Dumb-ass Cracker but I Play One on T.V.” Cruz), for the right to take on Hillary in our Electoral Super Bowl.
Just sayin’…