Poetic justice delayed…

Today’s amusing anecdote would involve former Grand Inquisitor of the Clinton Presidency, Kenneth Starr, who so efficiently reported on the sexual peccadilloes of former President Bill Clinton as part of an investigative report that formed the backbone of the evidence in support of Clinton’s impeachment (to wit, Bill Clinton set in motion the destruction of the American economy by allowing Bob Rubin to dismantle New Deal era financial safety measures set in motion the possible destruction of the planet by breaching the Bush/Reagan deal not to expand NATO to Eastern Europe in exchange for Russian acquiescence in German reunification failed to take meaningful measures to counter a rising al Qaeda threat fraudulently redefined how inflation and unemployment are measured to make himself look good lied about a blow job.)
The anecdote is that “it is being reported” that Ken Starr has been sacked from his current job as President of Baylor University in Texas for a sex-related scandal (not his own sex, mind you but that of Baylor’s “student”-athletes, for which President Starr has, alas, not been particularly diligent about pursuing meaningful investigations.) Admittedly, Starr did such a thorough job investigating Mr. Clinton over his sex scandals that he might just be burned out.
Not quite sure what Trump or Hillary will do about the apparent downfall of Bill Clinton’s personal Javert… we’ll all just have to enjoy the moment, and see if the story is eventually confirmed.
Update (6-1-16): Mr. Starr was kicked downstairs from President to Chancellor, and has now resigned that position and will simply go on teaching at the university. University sports had a good run under him… apparently, at a really high price. Kind of like so much in our society and our culture… as the price now begins to swallow up the benefit.
Anyway, Mr. Starr did so much for all of us. Mr. Clinton was, and remains, a self-serving rogue, whose transgression at the time was to have lied under oath about something metaphysically trivial… that was his crime– the gratuitous instinct to self-servingly obfuscate during a sworn deposition, rather than chose to simply avoid the question entirely and take whatever monetary or other consequences might befall him or even just out and out have simply said “we had sexual contact… what of it?”. And on that deliberate obfuscation and trivialization of an oath, he could have been adjudged fit for office, or not. But Mr. Starr couldn’t leave it at that: “the Starr Report” had to be about the grossest, coarsest, most prurient sexual details… we were to be a nation of voyeurs. And what was intended to be a character assassination of Mr. Clinton said far more about Mr. Starr. Who now has his comeuppance. Mr. Clinton’s will presumably wait until November, when he will either become “the First Gentleman,” or more likely, get to watch Donald Trump be elected President (assuming the nation doesn’t get a deus ex machina, such as an indictment of Mrs. Clinton).
Most sadly of all, it’s nearly 20 years later, and we’re not rid of either of them.