Long, hot summer

Amidst protests over police shootings of persons of color in Louisiana and Minnesota, eleven police officers were shot and five killed during protests in Dallas yesterday.
Pretty much defies comment– the murder of anyone is a horrendous act, but it seems that something unsettling is happening at an increasing pace, perhaps some wheels are coming off. Why can’t we all just get along? We kind of never have before, btw.
In the middle of this civil unrest, we note (Hillary) that if you’re rich and powerful enough, you can, these days, get away with things that will land other people in jail, while still other people… find themselves gunned down altogether.
We’ve got at least two more months of summer coming up… not to mention two political conventions where both candidates have terrible unfavorable ratings, and of course, the Olympics, where Brazil… has some problems.
Alrightie then.