Acclerating news cycle

Hey, let’s all party like it’s 1968 1914 1848,,, damned if I know.
WTF is going on in Turkey, with an apparent coup against the already-power-grabbing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and presumably his merry Islamist friends, which seems to have been put down within hours, if not minutes… for one thing, the airports (at least the important ones) were not under the control of “rebels” and Erdogan himself–also conveniently unaccounted for by coup plotters– returned from a beach resort to Istanbul, to reassert “control.”
Meanwhile, “senior” military leaders were behind the government, as was the opposition, and evidently, many people who (evidently) “answered Erdogan’s call to the streets.” Lots of, I suppose, junior military personnel “will have ‘splaining to do.” Maybe. Assuming they’re not simply shot before too many questions get asked.
All curious. In a world where more and more things seemingly make no sense, maybe that’s enough of an explanation. Or, perhaps, there is an explanation, as, for one thing, Erdogan has purged thousands of judges and prosecutors and arrested hundreds of military personnel… the coup presenting a very convenient opportunity for Erdogan to consolidate power after a seemingly easily thwarted “coup attempt.”
The horrifying Nice attack (for which, on schedule, ISIS claimed responsibility) was barely twenty-four hours old as a story– if that– before the Turkish “coup” hit the news, more or less simultaneously with Trump’s Mike Pence announcement (and a really bad day in general for Chris Christie).
Will the Republican National Convention next week (and the Democratic Convention the week after) even make the front pages? Who knows anymore?
Update: And, on cue, apparently three police officers in Baton Rouge, LA have been killed and a number of others wounded in multiple shootings there. Never a dull moment, it seems.