Good times

We’ll start with this semi-hit piece called “The Curious Case of Alicia Machado,” she the former Miss Universe from Venezuela whom Hillary Clinton invoked at this week’s presidential debate to highlight Donald “The Donald” Trump’s generalized contempt toward women, noting that he once referred to Ms. Machado as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping,” evident references to weight gain and Latina heritage. Trump, surprise surprise, has been fighting back, noting that Ms. Machado has “issues,” including a purported sex tape (turns out to be true and was evidently a basis for baseballer Bobby Abreu to break up with his then fiancee, Ms. Machado), as well as allegations of wild gangsta’ type crimes in Venezuela. The point of the semi-hit piece (as I read it… not as it purports) is the bizarre double-standard of coverage– the very mainstream-media that created the golem-monster that is Trump in the first place, it seems, is not providing him “fair coverage” on things like Ms. Machado, by sanitizing her very public past. Alrightie then.
Mrs. TD and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We were married five years before Ms. Machado became Miss Universe/Miss Piggy/Miss Housekeeping. And over the weekend, I completed Marathon 45 (at least, I think it’s that) in the Rock N Roll Oasis Montreal Marathon (earning a coveted “World Rocker” medal to boot).
Alrightie then… we won’t talk about Deutsche Bank