National treasures (cont’d)

This just in from the beat poet of the far right: Sarah Palin (yes, that Sarah Palin) suggests “no worries, re: Russia… I’ll keep an eye on them from here.
More confirmation she’s not likely to be in the cabinet (unlike a neuro-surgeon in charge of housing, an Exxon exec and friend-of-Vlad in charge of policy helpul to Exxon and Vlad, Mrs. Mitch McConnell, a military general in charge of homeland security, an ex-Goldman Sachs employee and foreclosure maven in charge of Treasury, and a few assorted billionaires), because Washington, D.C. is just too far from Russia… so she won’t be able to see it from there.
Amidst an increasingly un-funny situation, at least Sarah P. can still break us up with laughter.