It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

The Associated Press (btw, thanks AP for handing the nomination to Hillary and hence, the presidency to Voldemort Trump), via ABC, tells us that the president-elect seems to be moving at glacial pace (or not at all) towards divesting his far-flung corporate empire into any kind of “blind trust” prior to the inauguration.
Regular readers (whomever you are) know from a post just yesterday that Mr. Trump himself is deeply in bed with and/or in hock to Russian and Chinese entities. Aside from the possibility (or probability) that unwinding his own actual interests (as opposed to notional interests) might demonstrate once and for all that he is actually insolvent (he has a history of being a terrible, terrible businessperson), such unwinding might also unmask some of the shadowy arrangements he has made. And that would be both bad for bid’ness, and from Mr. Trump’s perspective, probably bad for health as well.
In short, we can count on Mr. Trump to truly do what few politicians manage to do: he will stay bought. Yes, it seems somewhat problematic that his personal obligations to instruments of states usually considered hostile to this one to some degree or other might “influence policy”… but… but… Hillary’s emails.