Another day in the denouement

Today, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom concluded that a former Russian spy and his daughter were attacked with a deadly nerve agent that originated in Russia and that it was likely the handiwork of the Russian state, and warned of reprisals by the U.K., but… for its part… as with all things Russia, the White House refused to acknowledge Russian involvement in the Sergei Skirpal poisoning.Perhaps still having not recovered from an illness acquired on his trip to Africa, Secretary of State Rex Tilllerson did seem to acknowledge a Russian link. Rex will be spoken to, I’m sure.
Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee (our House of Representatives and Intelligence being an oxymoron, or at least mutually exclusive), at least the GOP majority thereof, just decided to say there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, because, well, what the fuck, right?
Meanwhile, the pornographic film star who alleges that the President paid her $130,000 shortly before the 2016 election for her to remain silent on the details of their alleged year-long affair at the time his third wife was giving birth to his fifth child (including, apparently, that he liked being spanked with a rolled up Forbes magazine, liked to watch shows about sharks, and his sexual prowess was “generic”) has decided she wants out of the non-disclosure and is demanding to return said $130,000. Will her interview with 60-Minutes air next Sunday? Stay tuned!
“Alt-right” (some might prefer “Neo-Nazi”) activist Richard Spencer says that, with all the counter-violence and all, his rallies just aren’t any fun anymore.
The Secretary of Education, a rich dilettante who has never attended public schools, nor sent her children to them, and who knows next to nothing about them can’t be bothered to learn anything, as shown in a rather unpleasant performance on 60-Minutes that makes the White House unhappy.
Two people in Austin , Texas are dead as a result of parcel bombs, and others are injured.
Hillary Clinton suggests that White women- a majority of whom voted for her opponent- did so because their husbands told them to, notwithstanding that her own vaunted “political experience” consisted primarily of being married to Bill Clinton, nor did she see the irony of the first female major party presidential candidate who wanted to have “break the glass ceiling” as the theme of her victory party is nonetheless perpetuating a stereotype about women.
It’s only Monday, of course, and we are only 13 months and 20 days or so into… you know.
But the denouement of our constitutional republic continues apace, even as the illusion of normalcy is so desperately impressed on us by our “media,” so desperate not to recognize their own complicity in setting up a system whereby “we must give equal time” to propositions and people no matter how absurd, simply because they are positioned in a box demanding equal attention, and, well, here we are.
Nothing to see here folks. Move along.