Could it be Festivus again?

Yes, yes, 23 December only comes once a year, friends. Don’t know what to say. In what I will just call incredibly irony, the President lashes out at the evils of… windmills. Apparently, you would go to jail for killing a bald eagle, whereas windmills kill billions of them.
There is definitely the possibility of a Captain Queeg thing going on with the President, as impeachment takes its toll on him as his own supporters’ insistence on a sham trial designed to acquit him as opposed to an actual trial designed to acquit him seems to be taking him to… well… crazy town. Even if I think it’s all a Vinnie the Chin Act.
Don’t know. Don’t care. That a man this awful in every single way, despite being impeached, might be reelected President because he is a big enough racist and has stoked up white supremacist demonstrations as well as violent attacks on synagogues, schools, shopping centers… tells me more about how awful the USA is than even I care to admit (and I wrote a whole book about how awful it is).
2019 is coming to an end soon; in 8 days time, we will be out of “the teens” and into “the twenties” of this 21st century. While I expect to go another full year with this President, if we have to go four after that, we are done as a country, and quite likely, as a species. Something called the United States will doubtless persist for a while, but it will be a miserable totalitarian racist entity, full of hundreds of millions of poor people and tens of thousands of rich people who own everything. With bad taste as its national image.
So… happy Festivus. Hope the remainder of your holiday season is as joyous as circumstances permit. And we can talk about next year. When Guantanamo turns 18.