I’m sure their parents are glad we removed Saddam from power

An explosion aimed at an American led convoy in the Baghdad area killed at least 30 Iraqi children. This is (supposedly) the largest number of children killed in one incident since the giant war crime against the people of Iraq perpetrated in our name was initiated seventeen months ago (jebus, it seems longer than that, no?)
If no one else will say it, I will. No one has to agree with me, if they don’t want to. I’m no longer running for anything (my running mate Bruce and I, having failed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination). So I’ll just say it: compared to the chaos and horror we have unleashed on the Iraqi people and the instability we have brought to the region, I’d rather have Saddam Hussein in power. He was a mother-fucker and a brutal dictator, but he was a mother fucker we could do business with, at least at one time. And for better or worse, he preserved order there.
My guess is that I will not only be joined by most of the families of Iraqi people we have murdered (and btw, estimates are that we and our trained Iraqi lapdogs kill at least two civilians for every one that “insurgents” kill, even as I write this), but by a fair number of the families of the over 1,000 dead United States service personnel and nearly 10,000 maimed, in saying that this Iraq adventure– which has not brought us one millimeter closer to thwarting Al Qaeda– was the kind of “mistake” for which those responsible should be facing war crimes tribunals (instead of probable reelection).
Boys and girls, Iyad Allawi is every bit as brutal a thug as Saddam– its just that Junior never blamed him for Poppy’s electoral defeat at the hands of Ross Perot… I mean, Bill Clinton. But hey– old Iyad (formerly of Saddam’s Mukhbarat secret police… and now ably tutored by good old U.S. Ambassador John “Friend of Central American Death Squads” Negroponte) Allawi cannot be blamed by Junior for Poppy’s defeat, nosirree.
John Kerry is in no sense bound by my sentiments, and frankly, I suspect he is quite sincere in telling you he disagrees with them. So I’ll ask someone else.
To quote the great Dick Cheney (via digby the daring and Duncan the Magnificent):
“Everybody is fond of looking back at Desert Storm and saying that it was, in fact, a low cost conflict because we didn’t suffer very many casualties. But for the 146 Americans who were killed in action and for their families, it was not a cheap or a low cost conflict. The question, to my mind, in terms of this notion that we should have gone on and occupied Iraq is how many additional American casualties would we have had to suffer? How many additional American lives is Saddam Hussein worth? And the answer I would give is not very damn many.
I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Vice President. I couldn’t agree more.