Happy Independence Day

Not much blogging by me anticipated during this putative four day weekend, so… go do something else!!! Or check out the good stuff going on with the blogs on the sidebar. Or whatever.
You might want to consider the interviews with those knowledgable with issues associated with the law associated with the “war on terror”, and particularly, of course, my most recent with Jeff Addicott immediately below. Consider the most fundamental question of all, which overrides all others, as so ably expressed by Professor Addicott: are we, in fact, at war? Indeed, can we be at something called “a war” for purposes of the law when our enemy is not, in fact, a “nation-state”?
You might also consider if the gentlemen in the powdered wigs in the picture above anticipated where we would be right now. Would they have accepted the explanations given, and the rationale for them that we have been given?
Regardless of what else you can say, I’m glad we still live in a country where these questions can still be asked (as can questions about the actions and motivations of those entrusted with our governance).
Even if far, far too many, including too many in our ruling party, don’t seem to be so glad of it.