Man, can that Riefenstahl put on a show (and can Goebbels write a speech, or what?)

Godwin’s law is hereby suspended. When an American national party decides to run “Triumph of the W___”, any and all shots are fair game. (BTW, Fightin’ John has arrived; it couldn’t happen too soon– but the man is a closer, and I am convinced now more than ever, our next President.) While I missed Edwards’ prologue, which I understand was even better, it looks like the gloves are off. And under the light of day, the Bush record meltsdown and shrivels. Take away irrational fearmongering, and the Bush-Cheney team has nothing other than giant tax breaks for multi-millionaires, and running up massive deficits.
The Clintonian litany of proposed programs lacked a certain “and you’ll pay for them… how?” component, as did the ominous silence when it came to mentioning Osama bin Laden, the massive budget deficit, or even setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. How DARE this man tell us how agonizing the decision to send Americans to their deaths was, when his actual reaction was to pump his fist and utter “feels good”.
Too many people believe that George W. Bush is some sort of naif (or “moron” to be less polite.) While he has a below average i.q. (around 97), this is irrelevant. He is no moron. He is more than bright enough for this job– though he is not competent enough for it. No, he is not an idiot.
He is a villain.
Last night’s speech was shocking in how compelling it was in terms of presentation, production values, rhetorical power and tone. Would that more than three truthful words in a row were ever strung together.
Help is on the way, folks. Fightin’ John has arrived. The American people recognize a winner, and he is that. FOUR MORE MONTHS! FOUR MORE MONTHS! FOUR MORE MONTHS!