Fire-breathing… catatonia…

Well, it was… I’m not sure what! night at the GOP Convention last night; the Prez was in Queens, hob-nobbing with the firemen. You’ll recall Bush promised greater aid to New York, only to not deliver it (far lower priority compared to repealing that awful death tax); of course, several (well, 6 anyway) City firehouses have been closed since 9-11, as New York spends kazillions defending us from fake terror alerts, protecting visiting foreign dignitaries (like the Republicans), and similar unfunded Bush mandates.
Which takes us to last night at the convention; I confess I didn’t see or hear Miller’s speech, although I did hear Cheney’s speech. I could chide Miller for being a psychotic DINO, but I should more deride him for being only a semi-reconstructed race-baiting lunatic than for being a more loyal Republican than, say, Trent Lott (at least by voting record). Besides– while the GOP has DINOs like Miller, we have RINO’s like Linc Chafee of Rhode Island, and wild cards like the Sainted John McCain.
Anyway, it seemed an odd pairing, Zell and Dick. Zell delivered his speech from the manic side, while Dick delivered his from the depressive/catatonic side of the GOP bi-polar/bi-partisan spectrum.
Both of course, reflected what I said yesterday, and will say again: the Republicans got nothin’. An inside kangaroo straight with two cards missing… Zell was a fire-breathing lunatic Kerry-basher; Cheney was a calm, measured… catatonic Kerry-basher. Shorter Zell Miller/ Dick Cheney: John Kerry is a French faggot pussy who will have to ask his French overlords for permission to defend Amurka.
Anything… ANYTHING… to take away from the weakness of the economy (job growth non-existent, interest rates coming up, oil prices high, consumer confidence shot), the abuse of our overstretched military (sent off to a shooting gallery in Iraq with no exit strategy for a war whose justifications have long since ben debunked), the fact that we are no safer than we were on or before 9-11-01 (gross understatement, as OBL is still out there, North Korea and Iran move forward with nuclear weapons, and our own intelligence and defense apparatus are criminally incompetent), the uncontrollable (and unsustainable) deficit (a record… and by a lot), and a President who can’t speak in full English sentences.
Fortunately, I understand Senator Kerry has started sacking the losers who gave him the worthless “wrap-myself-in-‘Nam” campaign. He can allow the Republicans to disperse from New York, and then go back on full-time attack… because this election is not about John Kerry: it’s about George W. Bush. Fightin’ John is on the way. And I for one, can’t wait to watch him give Cheney and Miller cause to up their lithium dosages.