Cost Effective Defense Policies

Because distributing the vaccine (in pill form, actually) would have “cost too much money”, our good old military decided to abandon a vaccination program in 1996, which allowed a virus to spread that has killed at least six military recruits, four this year.
Let’s just say that there’s plenty of blame to go around on this one (while the decision was made during the CLinton Adminsitration, its not lke the Bush Administration reversed it, now is it?). As usual, it reflects the belief that the most expendible component of our military was, is, and sadly will likely always be, the men and woman called upon, or who have taken it upon their own shoulders, to defend this nation.
This short-sighted bullshit is not merely reflected in the military, of course, but in all aspects of our governance. Basic housing programs are scrapped “to save money”, with the resultant costs of dealing with problems of homelessness ranging from crime to epidemics orders of magnitude higher; ditto education or child-care and school lunch programs.
The mindset that holds that “taxation is immoral” (especially taxation of people who can best afford taxes and who reap the biggest rewards from our system) leads to results that I could only describe as… immoral.
This is one of them. Those responsible should be ashamed of themselves for this. Like they care.