“You forgot Poland”

In response to Senator John Kerry’s snub at last Thursday’s debate, contending that the “grand coalition” the President put together to commit war crimes and atrocities in Iraq was “only the United States, with Britain and Australia”, the President quickly added “You forgot Poland”. Proving that Senator Kerry’s words (and mean thawts) are, indeed, hurting our allies, a miffed Poland announced it will be withdrawing its 2,500 troops in Iraq by the end of next year.
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski made the announcement (apparently while holding back tears) and expressed his displeasure that Senator Kerry could overlook so important an ally– the very heart of Donny Rumsfeld’s “New Europe” no less. Kwasniewski, who prefers to be known as “the Kwaz”, said that just the possibility of John Kerry winning was enough to shake his resolve in the holy Iraq mission, and hence, Poland was, as he put it, “Out of here.”
Apparently, the Kwaz was not alone in his displeasure at being dissed. Evidently, at a hastily convened conference, Iraqi Puppet-Premier Iyad Allawi (looking out through the strings attached to his limbs) announced his resentment at Senator Kerry for calling him a puppet, and Kim Jong Il expressed his displeasure at Senator Kerry insisting that the United States attempt to bribe and appease North Korea on its own, rather than in the context of extracting goodies from five different countries.
Let me just say this: while Senator Kerry insists that he will be restoring our international relationships and bringing the UN, NATO and our allies in to clean up international messes, his record as dissing our allies and causing international discord just belies this in a major league way.
Big time.