War schmor– we gots bigger problems

This week’s visit to our friends at Pravda gives us this somewhat disjointed piece (I have no idea who does Pravda’s Russian to English translations… but I LIKE them!) about various nasty effects from global climate change, including a lengthy discussion about shifting magnetic poles that borders on the stuff of the National Examiner, culminating in a discussion of the well understood global changes (all, to this day, still denied by the Bush Administration).
This being Pravda (part of why you get your weekly dose) the payoff comes in the form of a punchline: global warming will doubtless be good for Mother Russia, which by and large, is already a frozen wasteland!
The bad news is that the rest of us don’t live in Russia… and probably don’t have plans to move there. Low lying areas around the world will be flooded as ocean volume increases, deserts expanded, and climates in some places– like Europe– will undergo wild extremes. Chaos, famine, you know: stuff the Bush Administration couldn’t give two &^%$s about because, after all, they only effect poor and working people. Like terrorism, wars, and budget deficits.
Man, I suddenly feel the need for vodka. Vass d’arovia.