More signs of the gratefulness for our liberation

We got trouble right here in Tigris River City. Margaret Hassan, the director of CARE International in Iraq, kidnapped by militants believed to be associated with Al Zarqawi’s terrorist movement, was seen on a videotape shown on Al Jazeera television, pleading for, among other things, her life, and for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq (and certainly not moved into the Baghdad area, which PM Blair has just agreed to do).
The stakes of our adventure, which is no longer being managed for military or strategic or even geo-political advantage but entirely for domestic political reasons is that more and more of our troops are being killed each month, more contractors are being kidnapped, and at this point, just keep going up. Ms. Hassan is a career humanitarian, and obviously, by far the highest profile kidnap victim. If Mr. Blair allows her to be butchered on video-tape (and I fear he will), one wonders what British public opinion– always against Britain’s participation in the War to Avenge Papa Bush TM, will turn untenable for Mr. Blair. I hope.
It’s astounding just how badly Iraq is going, how widely it’s being reported, and how little regard the American people seem to be showing for it, given that the President isn’t down 40 points in the polls. But then… what do I know.