Wack a poll?

Wonkette gives us this very interesting post examining the back story of the current press-self-instrospection-and-self-aggrandizement-du-jour, to wit, the Grey Lady’s sitting (possibly at the behest of McCain, or possibly not) on a story about Sen. John McCain doing some sort of improper favor for a female telecom lobbyist, allegations McCain, through his lawyer Bob Bennett (remember him?) denies.
I’m actually more interested in the point made by Wonkette at the end of her post (I suspect that this will end up being something like a Keating 5 scenario– poor judgment, but nothing dreadfully sinister on McCain’s part… but who knows, really?)… oh yes, her point… why now? McCain had been written off as dead, well behind at least four other candidates– despite two of them literally being clown acts (one an extra from Hee Haw, the other from the set of the Sopranos, and a third “serious” candidate actually quite literally from the set of Law and Order).
And now that he is showing signs of not only a campaign resurgence, but of a possible outright win in New Hampshire (not in Iowa, as he has sworn off ethanol, agribusiness welfare seemingly the national religion of Iowa) … just as McCain won it in 2000… now… THIS.
Don’t know. I understand that Hillary is (rightly) being blamed for the sudden spate of Obama smears… could she be also responsible for the “Edwards love child” stories now circulating… or this to take out McCain (doubtless ordered while having lesbian sex with Janet Reno over the body of Vince Foster in the black helicopter)? Surely that nice Mitt Romney would never do anything like this, would he?
Don’t know… it does seem that anytime anyone in this race– either party– reaches a certain polling threshold, something comes along to… knock them down. In the case of Rudy, of course, it’s well deserved. But it keeps happening to everyone. I guess the nominees from each party will end up being the ones with the thickest skulls.
Funny that.