More milestones

And so as I come to that day, two score and sixteen years after the Cuban missile crisis on which somehow I was born, a day 15 years after Hillary Clinton was born, and so were other people like Pat Sajak (you see, Hillary was defeated by another game show host in 2016), apparently Seth McFarlane and other people I never heard of.
Still going. Somehow, like me, this blog hangs on, out of the same kind of stubbornness that, God willing, will get me through my 17th consecutive NYC Marathon (and 54th overall at that distance) in 9 days time, and otherwise gets me through life as an upper middle class resident of New York City. Most people have it harder, which is why people who have it even easier than me but still crap on others piss me off. You know who you are.
Strange times. Attempted simultaneous assassinations of two former American Presidents, along with a former vice-president, a former first lady/sec state/senator, a former attorney general, and at least three sitting members of Congress along with two civilians critical of the current regime in power… and mostly, barely a yawn, with the media literally giving credence to right-wing maniacs who, without evidence, shrilly scream “false flag” as if liberals would be clunky enough to try to blow up Robert Fucking DeNiro or to send John Brennan his bomb at the wrong t.v. network.
Anyway, we are really at a remarkable national low, and the fucking GOP will still likely hold the Senate, and do not count me shocked if somehow holds the House too, even as all “norms” have been flushed to pack the courts with right wing hacks, who can make sure that the rich can steal whatever they haven’t already stolen from the rest of us. .
Anyway… another year shot to hell.The last year seems like… I don’t know… 10? 20? Immense time distortions with an Orange Shithead in the White House… and probably will be for at least another two plus years, which will seem like another… 20? 30? I don’t know. I try to lead an expemplary life, volunteering and shit, and you know, trying to do a good person and shit. What else can you do? Try to live the best micro you can. Because for the foreseeable future, the macro seems to be fucked. Although… hope dies last.