Why our society is doomed: part MDCLXVI

Somehow I’ve gotten onto the mailing list of the American Bar Association… perhaps they’ve figured out that I have a license to kill steal practice law, after all these years (22? 23? my freaking GOD!).
Anyway… the ABA Journal sends this little snippet from the most overrated corporate executive in the history of the world, former GE CEO Jack Welch, who tells us… wait for it… chicks who take time off for their kids (I suppose this would include giving birth to them) put their careers in grave peril, by not bein’ around ALL THE TIME to do the boss-man’s biddin’. BTW… notice we’re not hearing anything about a “living freaking WAGE” so that, maybe, the other parent can stay home in an homage to Ozzie & Harriet’s America… no, no, no: the children MUST. BE. SACRIFICED. FOR. THE. GOOD. OF. THE. COMPANY.
Jesus H. Freaking CHRIST. After how many millions of people have sacrificed their youths and their energy and quite probably sharing their children’s childhoods to find the corporate-industrial jackboot come down and lay off their asses the second the economy soured a little amidst our great recession, and STILL the pampered INSANELY OVERPAID MOST OVERRATED EXECUTIVE IN HUMAN HISTORY has the balls to not only still speak in public, but to say “well girls… if you want to drop them little brats, I guess you can… but don’t be surprised if you’re passed over for that promotion [that you didn’t deserve anyway.]”
Understand what Welch is not saying: he’s NOT saying– look, you’re welcome to go on “the Mommy Track” until your kid[s] hit[s] pre-school, but don’t expect full credit as if you were in the office for three or four years so things will take longer… What he IS saying is “listen, girls… if you’re not lining up at the corporate trough EVERY MORNING to kiss my ass… well, little ladies… when the [White] man gets ahead and you don’t, I guess you deserve it.” For some reason, I’m reminded of the late political wizard (as in Grand Wizard) Jesse Helms.
Let me make it easy: you may as well go ahead and spend time with your kids, ladies (and guys too). Climbing the corporate ladder is over: it’s all an illusion from here on in anyway. Mother f***ers like Welch have long since sucked any value at all from these enterprises both through their own not-so-good-management and from outright stealing it for themselves… so you may as well not “sacrifice” anything of REAL value (such as precious time with your own children) for the company or firm… the company is pretty much f***ed… and I actually don’t care what company we’re talking about… and quite frankly, by the time your children reach adulthood, even what you think of as piles of money won’t be worth too much either… the two or three SUVs in the car-park won’t be of much use what with the $14/gallon gasoline (if you can even find any, which you won’t), and indeed, the car-park in the McMansion (whose mortgage you can no longer afford) is 30 miles or more from the City… too far for you to walk, and you don’t know how to fix your bicycle, and even if you did, you might be picked off by roving gangs if you tried to get there anyway, and if you haven’t long-since converted your manicured lawn to a vegetable garden, I doubt you’ll have the energy to do it anyway…
Do you see what I’m saying? People like Jack Welch have done their share in destroying our children’s future by wrecking the very planet they’re going to have to live on as well as the economy they’re going to depend on for their livings… and now, like Marc Dreier, stealing even after having been caught and placed in jail… the Jack Welches of the world are still trying to debase what’s left of our souls.
Did I say all that out loud?