And so it continues

Well, we are on the eve of election day here in the USA. Will a system rigged in the 18th century for the purpose of preserving slavery do its magic again, and permit unaccountable white supremacists (who managed recently to pull off the first recorded pogrom in American history) to hold control of all levers of government? Just for fun, while the Times and WaPo gangs continue their stenographic duties to warn us of the perils of the migrant caravan of hardened terrorists carrying smallpox and Klingon bat’leths women and children fleeing violence, because, you know, Trump talks about it, they are distinctly giving much lower key coverage to oh, the arrival of Russian “parliamentarians” experts” to “monitor” the mid-terms here… nothing at all suspicious there.
Meanwhile, my streak continues (in a shade over 6 hours, consistent with my finishes lately and no complaints given the state of my ankle), leaving me in a 21-way tie for 185th on the list of longest active streaks in the New York City Marathon at 17. As far as I can tell, the number of people eligible to keep their streaks going at 17 or more was… 185… out of 185. Apparently, I ain’t gettin’ off of this train anytime soon. As usual, out on the course (in Williamsburgh, also as usual), I encountered Super Dave Obelkevich, holder of the longest active streak (and longest streak period) at an unbelievable 43 years. Well, it’s always good to have things to aspire to.
Go vote tomorrow. And make sure everyone you know does the same. Unless they’re going to vote Republican, in which case, please try to prevent them from voting (you know, what Republicans do to Democrats in order to win elections). Lawfully, of course.
That is all.