Bad stuff beyond our borders

It appears that Sudanese army and police forces have surrounded at least three refugee camps in the Darfur region of that country, forcing relief agencies to remove workers and cutting off refugees in the camps from the outside world. Apparently, “angry Arabs” are gathering near the camps, supposedly in retaliation for the kidnappings of a number of Arabs by the Darfur rebel groups, who are mostly Black Africans.
Chosing the cover of an American election to minimize, or at least delay, responsive action from the rest of the world, just might not be a coincidence.
None of this bodes well: at best, this will amount to a forced relocation of the refugees to their home villages where they will be much more vulnerable to attacks from Arab militias (the “Janjaweed”), many of which are backed by government helicopter gunships. At worst, we may be looking at a potential horror show: the names Golu, Zaleinge and Nertetie camps could join Srebrenica and Rwanda in the realm of modern massacres. Let’s hope they don’t.