Welcome Back, Al-Zawahiri

Just when we were getting used to a probable record month for American casualties in Iraq, Al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri sends greetings via a video broadcast on al Jazeera television.
The video-tape was pretty close to OBL’s own pre-election message (which, translated from the Arabic, went something like “while Bush is obviously great for our business, given that Kerry is pandering to your stupid rural assholes by trying to get a seat at the tough guy’s table, he won’t be that bad for business either”).
The text of the portions that al Jazeera broadcast (my translation) was something like “Egypt and Saudi Arabia help infidels kill Muslims yada yada yada Die Zionist Pigs yada yada yada We laugh at you, Pervez Musharaf yada yada yada You stupid Americans’ elections in Iraq and Afghanistan won’t get you anywhere yada yada yada We got lucky on 9-11 and really shot our wad so all we can do is taunt you with these videos”.
Well, at least four more years of this, folks. You know, some of you people may be visiting New York or Washington if these people ever get their act together again (which, frankly, is not that likely). Oh well. I won’t lose any sleep worrying about a highly unlikely terrorist attack; why bother, when we have an almost certain social breakdown caused by our insanely irresponsible financial policies on its way.