TD Find the Popes in the Pizza Contest…

Well, after careful tabulation by our team of auditors from Arthur Andersen, we have determined a winner in the talking dog’s guess the electoral college outcome contest. In plain “closest” terms to the winning margin, the winner would be m’self, who predicted that the winner would have 282 e.v.’s (actual number was 283).
However, your TD got carried away with himself, and predicted that it would be John Kerry with that number instead of… the other guy.
Next closest was a guess of 293 e.v.’s (with some insane overguessing in the popular total, though contest rules provided that popular vote was a tiebreaker only, as opposed to the actual election, where the popular vote of nine people is the tie breaker), for… the guy who won.
And hence, your talking dog announces that the winner of the “guess the electoral tally” game is none other than the former co-blogger of this very site, the blogger now known as The Raving Atheist.
Raving will get lunch at New York’s Bouley restaurant, care of your talking dog. Congratulations, RA, and bon appetit.
Oh– Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Man, yada yada yada… And as Spike Lee and the Raving Atheist both might say, let’s keep the “X” in “X-mas”.