Advise and Resent

Ignoring my (rather intelligent and sound) advice, Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry were the only votes against Condolleezza Rice’s passing through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by a 16-2 margin.
My regular readers are aware that my sentiments toward Dr. Rice are probably comparable only to my sentiments towards the President himself. Disdain would be putting it politely. Outright hatred (at a completely visceral and irrational level at that) would probably be more accurate. But that’s not the point.
No matter. Senator Boxer gets a pass, here, and actually, she gets my admiration for tilting at windmills: everyone loves an underdog, and though the late Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is hokey and dated, it still brings tears to myeyes. Good for you, Barbara Boxer. As crazy and ill-conceived as this was– you go girl.
Ah, but as to that loathsome slug of an excuse for a homo sapien John Kerry (who, DEMOCRATS should hate– with a passion reserved only for the likes of George W. Bush– I know I hate him MORE than I hate Bush– which is almost inconceivable)… as to him, I urge DEMOCRATS to work for his defeat at his next senate election (run a primary challenger, and failing that — vote for the Republican– ANY Republican) before his kind of cancer metastasizes (analogy supplied by Unseen Editor; I would have just said “disease spreads”) and decimates remaining Democrats and people of good will forever.
Why? The most important senate vote of this generation, that’s why. The only time I can think of the United States Congress was actually in a position to stop a war, simply by denying the President the political cover to pull this one off. We really were at a tipping point. A no vote by either house of Congress, and the war would not have happened. (I’m serious.) Instead, the (thankfully ousted) insect of a Democratic leader, Tom Daschle, allowed this matter not only to come to vote despite knowing that no “case for war” existed– out of fear that he and Democrats would be portrayed as political wimps– but he and the majority of Democrats then voted to have the war. Senators (and this includes my own two senators, Chuck and St. Hillary), the blood of over a thousand dead Americans is on your hands. We won’t even talk about Iraqi blood.
Anyway… who was among that courageous group of 22 senators voting nay? You got it: Barbara Boxer (and to his credit, Linc Chafee (RINO-RI), who voted in support of “Dr.” Rice’s confirmation today). Ah, but where was John Kerry?
Of course. He voted for the war. Because he knew he was running for President, and he knew he voted against the first Gulf War, and he couldn’t take a chance that GWII would go swimmingly and he’d miss out on it.
You see– John Kerry has no principles save one: John Kerry is always right. This is the arrogance Democrats have been tarred with now for years, but in Kerry’s case, it’s sincere. Well, we deserved this. We picked him. We picked someone we didn’t like– didn’t really even agree with– because somebody swallowed the kool-aid of “only a war hero can beat Bush.”
It made no sense, as the last three presidential elections had been won by draft evaders defeating war heroes– but when Democrats go into expedience mode, the facts don’t seem to get in their way. Howard Dean was craaaaaaaaaaaazeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (He said crazy things, like capturing Saddam Hussein made no God damned difference to the security of this nation, for example, for which John Kerry duly attacked him.) Thank you Iowa. Thank you New Hampshire. Thank you Democrats.
And most of all, thank you John Kerry. Because you helped make Condolleezza Rice everything she is now, including Secretary of State. How DARE you think you can go back on it now. Senator Kerry, you are not fit to spit-polish Al Gore’s boots, Sir. You offend me, Sir. If enough other Democrats join me in this feeling, maybe we’ll get our parties’ soul back, and maybe our party, and our nation, will have some kind of viable future. If not, well… we can look back some day and remember longingly when we had a country and a party that stood for something… once…