Pervez, Will you be my valentine?

Spanning the globe, to bring you the constant variety of snark, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat… I’m pleased to give you this story from one of the new entries on our news side bar, Dawn, a major English news outlet from Pakistan.
The story? Pakistan is going to be sold over $1.2 billion in United States military goodies, including some helicopters, missile systems, and the like, though not F-16 fighter planes. How might Pakistan get F-16 fighter planes? By prevailing upon Lockheed-Martin to make good on its threat to close the F-16 factory in Texas if their demands aren’t met.
Given that Pakistan’s perfidious Dr. Khan has run his underground Wal-mart for nucular weapons, which helped get nucular technology (if not outright weapons) into the hands of North Korea, Iran, and God knows who else, and Pakistan’s response was to retire him with full honors… and while Pakistan has rounded up the usual suspects (i.e. seemingly minor Al Qaeda figures) to the point of an art form, it is widely believed that OBL and the nucleus (funny choice of words, TD…) of world wide Islamist fundamentalist extremist violence is present and operating out of somewhere in… Pakistan…
Naturally, Pakistan must be rewarded.
Some weapons systems will do, I guess. I am, somehow, reminded of something that struck me while listening (involuntarily) to the lunatic Michael Savage during a taxi ride home. It seems to be a tad paradoxical. We have evidently rewarded the forces of Shia Islamist fundamentalist extremism, as personified by the SCIRI group which was the big winner in the Iraqi elections, and others who, if not outright in favor of a nasty theocracy for Iraq, are certainly more friendly to the nasty theocracy across the border in Iran than… we might… prefer….
I did kind of think the whole “bring the war to our enemies” bit might involve, you know, defeating the forces of Islamist extremism, instead of, you know, getting them democratically elected to run a country that heretofore had been secular and no particular threat to us… (Might this a good time for a segue into my analysis of the Communist Manifesto, where I liken Karl Marx to a physician using diagnostic techniques featuring CAT scans and micro-biology, while simultaneously recommending treatment techniques featuring leeches and cupping?… Another time, perhaps… )
Well, I daresay there must be things manufactured in Texas that the new Iraqi government will need us to sell to it… and who knows… we might have just opened up a whole new market to sell military goodies to Iran as well… Yee ha…