Slow motion…

Let’s take a break from the slow motion constitutional crisis, so slow that even our 78 year old Speaker of the House recognizes that we are in one, as the alleged USA President continues to crap on the Constitution, and in particular to the Democratic House, now thwarting all of their efforts at information gathering, so that I can note that today is the 82nd birthday of TD Dad (who as long time readers know (is there another kind?), passed away near the end of 2015).
TD Dad, of course, was a long time fan of the blog here, and I hope he would have been a fan of… my friend… Donald J. Putin, who right now has apparently just surpassed 9,700 followers on Twitter, signifying…. damned if I know?
But TD Dad was always encouraging me to pursue literary projects beyond the mere self-indulgence of the blog form, and the Donald J. Putin persona does appear to warrant a literary project, one of several I had proposed at the beginning of the year. DJP on American Exceptionalism, at least in draft form, is now at about 35,000 words, of what I hope to be circa 55,000 words or so. Perhaps I can finish it this month, and figure out a self-publishing vehicle, or at least before the end of June, so that the second half of the year can be devoted to… the other stuff, such as my floundering athletic goals (which might include a related literary project), or of course, the long-awaited publishing in book form the Guantanamo related interviews that many of you (as if there WERE many of you reading!!!) know are a signature piece of this blog.
Don’t know. Still pressing on with my sanity preserving projects– I am regularly engaged in conversation in English with a relatively recent immigrant, and I still visit asylum seekers held in detention as a guest of one of ICE’s friendly profit seeking prison contractors a couple of times a month, along with the other stuff.
Life otherwise goes on; I am pleased to say that last weekend was (for a couple of hours anyway) warm enough for me to commence the 2019 Brooklyn roof vegetable container garden again; this year, we’re hopefully going to get blueberries, along with the usual home garden goodies of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.! the Loquacious Pup continues to pursue her studies, and Mrs. TD and I hold down Stately Dog Manor, with a pair of grey cats.
I will say that since we passed the half way point of its term, with just over 20 months to go now (and only 18 or so until it is, please God, voted out of office by a historically wide margin, and a Democratic Senate joins a Democratic House and the filibuster is blown up for all time so we can clean up the toxic waste dump he has left where our government should be), I feel time resuming a normal pace again. Not quite, but at least, closing in on it.
Alrighty then. This has been… Slow motion.