Come on down!

Various Congressional committees unleashed a hail of subpoenas and other “invitations” on current and former members of the Bush Administration, including a subpoena to Secretary of State Incompetetentalleezza Rice concerning pre-Iraq war intelligence indicating Saddam Hussein’s purported attempts to acquire “yellowcake uranium” (the subject of my interview with Knut Royce), another committee sought the testimony of Karl Rove’s deputy Sara Taylor, and yet another granted immunity to our old friend, Alberto Gonzales’s assistant, Monica Goodling. Rice’s testimony comes at a very interesting time; it could be designed to take on a President trying to go schoolyard on war funding; perhaps with Rice demonstrating we were lied into war… the war funding dynamic will shift some more…
Ah, the feel of sunlight. It’s almost as if there is a branch of government that the Constitution gave oversight power to… as if, you know, the Founders gave it… Article I… because it was intended to be the superior branch in making the laws, and the executive (Article II) would only execute the laws Congress made, indeed, diligently following them. Well, call it nostalgia.
If watching Condi and Sara and Monica and the gang squirm is all that comes out of it, frankly, that would probably be good enought… but wait… there will be so much more! These Congressional committees will just be emboldened for yet more oversight… yet more accountability… as if the executive branch answered to… the people.
Well… one can dream, I suppose. It’s not as if Gonzy is leaving, or anything… even if, apparently, the bees are… (Looks like I picked another bad week to give up drinking…)