It’s all who you know

I suppose his efforts at commencing the rather long-term prospect for eventual nuclear disarmament are laudable. Then again, his prolongation of not merely two wars, but also his insistence on preserving the unchecked “martial powers” of his predecessor… would seemingly make President Obama a very odd choice to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But he did anyway.
Hey, we seem to have “grade inflation” everywhere else… why not this? Assuming unemployment or the federal deficit ever come down, maybe next year he’ll get a Nobel for economic science. Or if he ever fully quits smoking… maybe medicine. Or, perhaps, he can write “Dreams of My Father II” and win for literature. (Or perhaps, share that one with Bill Ayers.)
I find all of this… troubling. And, no matter what your impressions from things I might write here (such as the ongoing f***ing we’re all taking on the Constitution)… I actually really like my college classmate The President. But this seems too much.