What happens when every day is April Fool’s Day?

The answer to the question in the post-title is that the world gets a fuck of a lot more boring and unpleasant; We have now been living in a world where “amusing lies” are not merely the source of humor on the first day of April, but are now the basis for public discourse in this country (as told by the political party now in control of the presidency and upper house of Congress).
While I would love to have concocted a fake 400 page redacted Mueller report, other than giving you 400 pp of redaction, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Even my April Fool’s day interview of Trump himself from 2016 doesn’t seem funny in retrospect when this human cancer has invaded the body politic, and just under half the body politic keeps rooting for it, even as he and his rare combination of hatefulness, treachery-to-the-point-of-treason (and it’s not just Russia) and incompetence spells their own certain decimation and doom.
Maybe it’s just me, at 17 1/.2 years of doing this blog, it’s just not as much fun anymore (especially when my good friend Donald J. Putin, by contrast, seems to be having a fabulous time mocking the stories of the day.) Of course, Donald gets to do it in 280 characters, whereas the blog format is intended to be more ponderous, but there is nothing to ponder in what is a daily slog toward the end of the American empire and the collapse of what generations of those who came before us have so painstakingly built up, only to entrust it all to mean-spirited grifters.
OK… I’ll stop here. Just… you know… the Trump interview…