Pooty Poot Poops on President’s Persian Proton Proliferation Policy

This week’s visit to Pravda lays out the rather defiant stand taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his intention to press on with nucular cooperation vis a vis Axis of Evil TM member and current first bogeyman Iran.
Putin contends that he is certain that Iran intends its nuclear programs for peaceful, energy generation purposes (because, you know, someday that oil will run out), and absolutely not for particularly perfidious purposes.
Hence, Russia will go on with such programs as permitting Iran to ship it spent fuel rods back to it, and make its deliveries of fissionable material to the Busehr nuclear power station (built with Russian assistance), i.e., business as usual.
While Russia was none too pleased with our decision to undermine its political (and investment) interests in Iraq, f***ing with Iran is taking things up a few levels. Tony Blair is pretty much already out. The rest of Europe probably does not want to go there– particularly as we seem hellbent on undermining the joint Anglo-French-German negotiations with Iran over non-proliferation.
I suppose Micronesia and Palau will be jiggy with this… our mighty coalition will continue the inexorable march of freedom and democracy throughout Southwest Asia… and the world!!!