It’s on

“It” is a strike by over 30,000 transit workers at the nation’s (by far) largest public transit system, forcing millions of people (such as m’self) to find alternative means of getting to work (such as walking, or in my case, “limp-jogging.”)
Your talking dog won’t pretend he has any sympathy for the strikers in this case. Had they elected to strike last Friday, when the deal they were offered still sucked… then I might sympathize. But they hung tough, and get offered a better deal than any other major municipal union here got… and then called it an insult and struck anyway!
Such strikes of public workers are illegal in New York State; given the total disruption this causes to the nation’s largest city, where less than half the population has cars, and on days like this, there’d be nowhere to park anyway given all the Christmas shoppers there’d be nowhere to park… public transit is a lifeline for most of the City . The union faces a million dollar a day fine, and each worker will be fined two days pay for each day of the strike, meaning that any wage increase will quickly become… self-funding.
What are you going to do? The American labor movement already has enough problems, without major unions deciding to destroy it from the inside.