Quickie Thought

The Republicans have always made it clear that they stand for the “value” of advancing the interests of the rich. Really, little has changed on that score since the days of the beloved William McKinley. Sure, we have the occasional GOP apostate like Rockefeller or Teddy Roosevelt (themselves rich NY Republicans who think that “noblesse oblige” exists)… but generally, consistency.
The Dems by contrast… well, since FDR and LBJ, who the hell knows what they stand for?
Fast forward: the Dems controlled Congress for decades. Dems COULD HAVE seen to it that (1) voting was set up in a tamper-proof, as opposed to partisan, manner, (2) our tax code was about collecting taxes, instead of complex corporate giveaways, (3) K Street lobbyists were out in the open, and government giveaways had to be via politically ugly subsidies, etc., (4) the liveable minimum wage– and liveable health care mandated from employers and not government– could have been legislated, etc., etc.
In short, decades of mediocre governance have led to the conditions for the current GOP feeding frenzy. Even on something as basic as the bankruptcy bill, the Dems are incapable of anything approaching a moral stand.
Once again: a consistent, but awful policy will almost always prevail against a possibly better but amorphous non-policy policy.
At least, that’s what it looks like…