Holy Shiite…

Your talking dog has been quieter than usual thanks to his ongoing computer problems (which translate to: “I haven’t gotten round to replacing the dearly departed ex-computer”) and am on a… borrowed terminal! In other hobby news, your talking dog ran down and back to complete the Delaware Marathon , which cooperated with unseasonably warm and humid weather for the fourth such marathon in a row (note to self: consider carefully before running such event in region of large glaciers without packing scuba gear…)
So, how ’bout Newsweek and its story of Guantanamo Bay Gulag Guards flushing the Koran down the toilet? Now the magazine seems hellbent on some kind of a non-denial denial, amidst a general retraction. One wonders where this story will go. As you’all know from firsthand sources that you have read on this very blog, it is almost inconceivable that the Newsweek story is NOT true: disrespecting Moslem men seems to be a key part of our “interrogation” techniques, so, since, sexually humiliating men and women, torturing women and children, suffocating men, or urinating on them, or dressing them up in garb wired to electric connections, are all fair game, I mean why not flushing a holy Koran down the toilet? Doesn’t seem to be a big stretch.
Anyway… the story will not so much be about the underlying offense, or even the deaths from rioting in Pakistan and Afghanistan in response to the reporting, as, of course, the reporting itself. Since it embarassed the Bush Administration and/or policy, someone will have to pay. Look for a couple of people to be fired from Newsweek, and order will be restored to the universe, at least here.
One of these days, we may just be in for a rude awakening as to what people in the Islamic world think of how we conduct ourselves… Oh wait. I keep forgetting that 9-11 changed everything.