Long Time No See

Your talking dog has been on what we’ll call an involuntary blogging hiatus, a hiatus during which we’ve posted a couple of things such as the interviews with Staff Sergeant Shanona Gregozek and Attorney Joshua Dratel, but generally, otherwise, pretty much… a hiatus.
Fortunately, my spiffy new computer has finally arrived from our friends at Dell, and hopefully, I’ll soon figure out its manifest thousand and one uses (including “blogging”)… but I’ll say this (no, I’m not writing this at home, nor am I writing it at work… ). When one’s obsession is neglected for long enough, it becomes less… compelling. I’ve used the occasion, for example, to spend time with wife and child, and to revisit things I used to enjoy, like reading (just finished Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair”; still applicable after all these years!)
In the end, I find that I have tried to make things interesting here; for one thing, my original content interviews with the above-referenced Sgt. Gregozek and Josh Dratel (and before that, Donna Newman, attorney for “dirty bomb” suspect and “unlaawful combatant” Jose Padilla) are, I hope, somewhat more interesting than the usual fare that you get on this (and every other) blog, to wit, spin of some kind or other on some news story or other, or more likely still, spin on spin.
So, you’ll still get your share of spin here (with my incomprable wit, naturally), but I’ll try to keep the original content coming (you need someone interesting to say they are willing to talk to you… not a gimme, though I have been most fortunate thus far…). In the end, despite what, say, the 101st Fighting Keyboarders believe, we who sit at computer keyboards and shoot our proverbial mouths off are not heroes of any means. Sgt. Gregozek– she’s a hero, quite literally fighting for our freedom. Mrs. TD– who, thankfully, was quick enough to grab a small child at a Long Island beach yesterday before said child was grabbed by a rip-tide– she’s a hero too. Attorneys Dratel and Newman, fighting for our freedom as well– you got it. The thousands who died on Omaha and Utah beaches at Normandy some 61 years ago today… exactly. And, of course, Richie Pearlman, to whom I allude from time to time…
But writing this *&^%? Pllllleeeease. Everything should be kept in proper perspective; if it takes an occasional computer crash to do that, so be it. Well, hopefully we’ll get the home machine up and running, so I can send these missives more regularly… until then… peace.