Good to the last drop

Given that the President and his team have declared August an official “slow news month” (and certainly, there will be no new major product launches, let me tell you…) , let’s talk about the most important event happening in the universe: Michael Jackson and a couple of jurors from his recent molestation trial are out shlepping the rights to their book deals.
Recall what an impressive cottage publishing industry the O.J. trial proved to be, what with Darden and Clarke and Judge Ito and Cato and the Green Hornet and the rest of them, all with big-buck book deals. So…. I mean, the Jackson molestation trial was almost as important a cultural milestone, right?
I recall reading a few years ago that we live in a world where Dennis Rodman tremendously outsells Hemingway, assuming Hemingway himself could even be published anymore (“too much like Hemingway!”)
The freak is a talented musician and performer; no one is taking that away from him. He is also… a freak, and almost without question, a child molestor.
Hopefully, the King of Pop’s book will be an “as told to” by someone who visits him at his new permanent address… in Bahrain.