Look Over There! Part ___

Today’s version of “let’s focus on some seemingly off the wall crap so that you don’t look at the actual malfeasance I’m performing right in front of you,” our esteemed President-Elect suggests that he “won” the entirely irrelevant popular vote, you see, because “millions of illegal voters” voted for his opponent (even as he chides his opponents for demanding a recount in the states with the closest margins) all while questioning the legitimacy of an election he won; our friend Joe Gandelman has a round-up.
Here’s the thing: while the Donald has invited the chattering classes to take the bait and note that this is consistent with his penchant for peddling baseless conspiracy theories that just happen to support his narcissistic world view, what’s actually going on is that he is basically (1) stocking his incoming government with extremists and rich people (and often extremist rich people), most of whom are Beltway Insiders, (2) declining his daily intel briefings while claiming to talk directly to world leaders (and “receiving intelligence from a number of sources”), and of course, (3) steadfastly pursuing the endless, global-sized business conflicts of interest (documented by the Grey Lady) … [Boing Boing follows up and also notes the sleight of hand point.]
In short, we have a small-time grifter with small hands in the rather shocking position of being able to trade national policy to advance his own business interests (yes, I know this is what Hillary Clinton was accused of… ain’t American great?)… and it appears that he is doing exactly that, complete with refusing to place his assets in a blind trust and having his business heir apparent (that would be his daughter Ivanka) sitting in on transition meetings, thereby assuring that his governmental policies (whatever they might be) harmonize with his business interests.
What can we do about it?, you ask. With this “crazy like a fox”… president-elect… keep your eyes on the prize, or to the point, “follow the money.” God knows that’s what he’s doing.
Update: The really really big thing the Donald wants you not to think about is “the Emoluments Clause,” which, ethics counsel for the last two presidents (including the Republican one) says requires Mr. Trump to sell his businesses and place the proceeds in a blind trust, or be in immediate violation of the Constitution from day one. Since “enforcement” would lie in the hands of the Republican Congress… well, you say Constitution, and I say “emoluments e-schmoluments.”