Thanksgiving warmth

I’ll give you this thematic piece of E.J.Dionne from WaPo called “How to Prevent Thanksgiving Armageddon” implying that “right-thinking people” should “gently chide” Trump supporters on issues such as the Donald’s business conflicts of interest, apparent support of racism (and the clear support of him by racists), and the man’s personal vindictiveness… far be it for me, but I’m inclined to replay what they said after the 2000 election (“get over it”) a phrase I wish we would have heard after the 2008 election. While I wish Jill Stein well in her recount efforts, I think we have an outcome. And as I expected, we have the Donald signalling us in his personnel moves that he will select the mix of party regulars, party maniacs and rich Republican donors (not to mention Trump loyalists) that we would expect him to do. Dark times are coming– but not dramatically darker than what we should be used to by now.
It’s not as if this was a good versus evil election, folks: it was an evil versus really evil election, and really evil happened to win by the vagaries of which votes counted (flyover country) and which did not (the coastal elites… from which WaPo, Grey Lady, etc. live out their lives in the bubble). The scary part for me is that the White-supremacist/nativist/racist/misogynist/homophobic/anti-semitic strain in this country, that’s surprisingly large, might feel that it has open season to act out, evidence for which has already been showing itself. And the only reaction is to accept none of it without an overwhelming response: not one little thing.
BTW… I agree with Rebecca Traister that blaming Clinton supporters for her loss is a mistake, the reason is Clinton herself. She was a horrible candidate who garnered no actual human connection with anyone outside the billionaire Hollywood/Hamptons bubble, and who, despite being unbelievably vulnerable in a “character election,” chose to run one anyway out of her own ego. What a surprise when millions of people (I’m talking Obama voters) who felt screwed by neo-liberal Clintonian policies took a chance on an “outsider,” even an extremely evil one. May this be the last election in which we ever even hear her name. Or else… we can blame who we want… we will just lose again.
The hell with avoiding Armageddon: some of us are itching for a fight. In our family, that probably involves talking about Israel ❤️ Trump… just saying…