The populace strikes back… calmly and quietly

A quickly organized public rally took place yesterday in Brooklyn’s tiny Adam Yauch Park, nestled next to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, decrying the recent defacement of the park with swastikas and the words “Go Trump” (as I recently noted); I was out there with many of my neighbors… note the sign that says “Hey Trump where’s your anti-Nazi tweet?”
Meanwhile, a swastika showed up on an elementary school near Denver, CO. The President-Elect could condemn incidents such as these (possibly at the behest of his influential Jewish son-in-law), but we won’t hold our breath; instead, he is directing his ire at the cast and producers of Broadway smash Hamilton, and otherwise, filling out his incoming Administration with figures that are just delighting the alt-right (or should I say, alt-White?)
These are clearly dark times; pretending otherwise will only make them darker. The last fifteen years would seem to be a mere dress-rehearsal. This is no longer a drill (just in case you thought that massive, total electronic surveillance, indefinite detention ,and perpetual war were some kind of academic exercise). An unbelievably broad and powerful means-of-autocracy has now been handed to someone who has shown no evidence of either the discipline or character not to abuse the crap out of them. Let’s not pretend otherwise. You don’t have to be Muslim, or Mexican, or female, or of color to be threatened… just a person of character and good will. We’re going to test the tensile strength of our Constitution and institutions of civil society (what’s left of them, anyway)… where will you stand?