Enjoy that refreshing new feeling

This week’s visit to our comrades from Pravda gives us this lengthy discussion by Robert Higgs of the implications of the Bush Administration’s re-branding efforts from the Global War on Terror to the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism.
Mr. Higgs questions if Bush Administration officials can possibly be as stupid as they profess to be, that is, do they actually believe that the hearts and minds of people we are invading, bombing and torturing can possibly be won over simply because we have come up with a pithy new slogan (such as the 1962 slogan from the Coca Cola Company that I’m using as a post-title)?
Mr. Higgs believes that the tide may be turning on public opinion: just too much carnage, too many lies, too much disconnected optimism from the Bushmen for the public to stand by endlessly… the public may well demand an actual change in actual policy… instead of just what the policy is called..
Given the immense pressure the President seems to be feeling from one lone 48-year old woman, and given that it looks like the Iraqis might meet their August 15th deadline for adoption of a constitution as they reached a key compromise on oil distribution (though not on overall power sharing) this might just be an excellent time to start our cutting and running strategic withdrawal and restoring command and control to the Iraqi people.